Commit 03b093f5 authored by Tugce Nur Tas's avatar Tugce Nur Tas
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add activity field to additional hours on review form

parent be95958a
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ class SemesterProcessVolunteersController < ApplicationController
volunteer_attributes: [:id, :waive, :iban, :bank],
semester_feedbacks_attributes: [[semester_feedback: [:mission, :goals, :achievements, :future, :comments, :conversation, :spv_mission_id]],
[hour: [:hours, :spv_mission_id]]]
[hour: [:hours, :spv_mission_id, :activity]]]
......@@ -28,11 +28,13 @@
= spvm.simple_fields_for :hour, do |hf|
= hf.input :spv_mission_id, as: :hidden, input_html: { value:}
h4.m-b-20.m-t-20= "Restliche Stunden in diesem Semester (#{@semester_process_volunteer.semester_period})"
.col-xs-12= hf.input :hours, label: "Restliche Stunden in diesem Semester #{@semester_process_volunteer.semester_period}",
.col-xs-2= hf.input :hours, label: 'Stunden',
input_html: { value: f.object.hours == 0 ? '' : f.object.hours, min: 0},
required: false,
disabled: disabled
.col-xs-10= hf.input :activity, disabled: disabled
h3 Spesen
= f.simple_fields_for :volunteer, @volunteer do |vf|
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