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Filter volunteers on new billing_expense by period

parent 38e06737
class BillingExpensesController < ApplicationController
before_action :set_billing_expense, only: [:show, :update_overwritten_amount, :destroy]
before_action :set_billing_periods, only: [:index, :new, :create]
before_action :set_selection, only: [:index, :download]
def index
authorize BillingExpense
@billing_periods = BillingExpense.generate_periods
set_default_filter(period: @billing_periods.first[:value])
set_default_filter(period: default_billing_period)
@q = policy_scope(BillingExpense).ransack(params[:q])
@q.sorts = ['created_at desc'] if @q.sorts.empty?
@billing_expenses = @q.result
......@@ -55,7 +54,7 @@ class BillingExpensesController < ApplicationController
@billing_expense =
authorize @billing_expense
@q = Volunteer.with_billable_hours.ransack(params[:q])
@q = Volunteer.with_billable_hours(selected_billing_period).ransack(params[:q])
@volunteers = @q.result
@selected_volunteers = params[:selected_volunteers].presence || []
......@@ -91,10 +90,26 @@ class BillingExpensesController < ApplicationController
authorize @billing_expense
def set_billing_periods
@billing_periods = BillingExpense.generate_periods
def set_selection
@selected_billing_expenses = params[:selected_billing_expenses].presence || []
def default_billing_period
def selected_billing_period
filter = params[:q]
return default_billing_period unless filter.present?
return nil if filter[:all].present?
return filter[:period]
def pdf_file_name(record)
'Spesenauszahlung-' +
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ h1
- if @volunteer
=> button_link navigation_glyph(:back), @volunteer
- else
=> button_link 'Spesenformulare erstellen', new_billing_expense_path
=> button_link 'Spesenformulare erstellen', new_billing_expense_path(q: params[:q].permit!)
......@@ -3,34 +3,34 @@ require 'application_system_test_case'
class BillingExpensesTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
def setup
superadmin = create :user
date = '2018-01-01'.to_time
@date = '2018-01-01'.to_time
@volunteer1 = create :volunteer, bank: 'UBS'
@assignment1 = create :assignment, volunteer: @volunteer1
create :hour, volunteer: @volunteer1, hourable: @assignment1, hours: 2.5
billed_hour1 = create :hour, volunteer: @volunteer1, hourable: @assignment1,
hours: 3.5, meeting_date: date
hours: 3.5, meeting_date: @date
@billing_expense1 = create :billing_expense, volunteer: @volunteer1, hours: [billed_hour1],
created_at: 2.hours.ago
group_assignment1 = create :group_assignment, volunteer: @volunteer1
create :hour, hourable: group_assignment1.group_offer, volunteer: @volunteer1,
hours: 35, meeting_date: date
hours: 35, meeting_date: @date
@volunteer2 = create :volunteer
assignment2 = create :assignment, volunteer: @volunteer2
create :hour, volunteer: @volunteer2, hourable: assignment2,
hours: 4.5, meeting_date: date
hours: 4.5, meeting_date: @date
@volunteer3 = create :volunteer, iban: nil
assignment3 = create :assignment, volunteer: @volunteer3
create :hour, volunteer: @volunteer3, hourable: assignment3,
hours: 2.5, meeting_date: date
hours: 2.5, meeting_date: @date
@volunteer4 = create :volunteer
group_assignment4 = create :group_assignment, volunteer: @volunteer4
billed_hour4 = create :hour, volunteer: @volunteer4,
hourable: group_assignment4.group_offer,
hours: 5.5, meeting_date: date - 1.month
hours: 5.5, meeting_date: @date - 1.month
@billing_expense4 = create :billing_expense, volunteer: @volunteer4, hours: [billed_hour4],
created_at: 1.hour.ago
......@@ -94,6 +94,46 @@ class BillingExpensesTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
refute_text @volunteer4
test 'new billing_expense respects the period filter' do
volunteer1 = create :volunteer
create :hour, volunteer: volunteer1, hours: 1, meeting_date: @date - 2.month
create :hour, volunteer: volunteer1, hours: 2, meeting_date: @date - 3.month
volunteer2 = create :volunteer
create :hour, volunteer: volunteer2, hours: 1, meeting_date: @date + 1.month
create :hour, volunteer: volunteer2, hours: 2, meeting_date: @date - 2.month
volunteer3 = create :volunteer
create :hour, volunteer: volunteer3, hours: 1, meeting_date: @date + 1.month
create :hour, volunteer: volunteer3, hours: 2, meeting_date: @date + 3.month
visit billing_expenses_path
click_link 'Spesenformulare erstellen'
assert_text "#{volunteer2}"
assert_text "#{volunteer3}"
refute_text "#{volunteer1}"
visit billing_expenses_path
click_link 'Periode: Januar 2018 - Juni 2018'
click_link 'Juli 2017 - Dezember 2017'
click_link 'Spesenformulare erstellen'
assert_text "#{volunteer1}"
assert_text "#{volunteer2}"
refute_text "#{volunteer3}"
visit billing_expenses_path
click_link 'Periode: Januar 2018 - Juni 2018'
click_link 'Alle'
click_link 'Spesenformulare erstellen'
assert_text "#{volunteer1}"
assert_text "#{volunteer2}"
assert_text "#{volunteer3}"
test 'volunteer profile shows only billing expenses for this volunteer' do
login_as @volunteer1.user
visit volunteer_path(@volunteer1)
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