upgrade ruby from 2.5.8 to 2.6.6

parent 1b13c357
image: git.panter.ch:5001/open-source/aoz-003/gitlab_ci:2.5.8
image: git.panter.ch:5001/open-source/aoz-003/gitlab_ci:2.6.6
- test
FROM ruby:2.5.8
FROM ruby:2.6.6
LABEL name=aoz-003-gitlab_ci
LABEL version=0.0.1
LABEL build-date=2020-05-05T11:27:33.118Z
LABEL version=0.3.1
LABEL build-date=2020-05-18T19:47:18+02:00
LABEL vendor=Panter maintainer=vok@panter.ch distribution-scope=private URL=https://git.panter.ch/panter/aoz-003
RUN apt update \
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