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add timestamps for GroupAssignments

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class AddTimestampsToGroupAssignment < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.1]
def change
add_timestamps :group_assignments, null: true
GroupAssignment.update_all(created_at:, updated_at:
change_column_null :group_assignments, :created_at, false
change_column_null :group_assignments, :updated_at, false
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
# It's strongly recommended that you check this file into your version control system.
ActiveRecord::Schema.define(version: 20180130140401) do
ActiveRecord::Schema.define(version: 20180202110148) do
# These are extensions that must be enabled in order to support this database
enable_extension "plpgsql"
......@@ -291,6 +291,8 @@ ActiveRecord::Schema.define(version: 20180130140401) do
t.text "term_feedback_success"
t.text "term_feedback_problems"
t.text "term_feedback_transfair"
t.datetime "created_at", null: false
t.datetime "updated_at", null: false
t.index ["deleted_at"], name: "index_group_assignments_on_deleted_at"
t.index ["group_offer_id"], name: "index_group_assignments_on_group_offer_id"
t.index ["period_end_set_by_id"], name: "index_group_assignments_on_period_end_set_by_id"
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