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Merge branch 'changes/semester-process-volunteer-index' into 'develop'

Changes/semester process volunteer index

See merge request !833
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......@@ -9,27 +9,28 @@ h1= t_title(:index)
th.hidden-print Aktionen
th= t_attr(:full_name, Volunteer)
th= t_attr(:semester)
th Status
th Freiwilige/r
th Einsätze
th Missions
th= t_attr(:commited_by)
th= t_attr(:commited_at)
th= t_attr(:creator)
th= t_attr(:created_at)
th Letzte Bestätigung
- @spvs.each do |spv|
= link_to t_action(:show), spv
= link_to t_action(:edit), edit_semester_process_volunteer_path(spv)
= button_link icon_span(:edit), review_semester_semester_process_volunteer_path(spv), title: 'Bearbeiten'
- if spv.commited_at.present?
.label.label-success Bestätigt
- else
.label.label-warning Unbestätigt
td= link_to_if policy(Volunteer).edit?,, edit_volunteer_path(spv.volunteer)
td= spv.semester_t
td= render_missions(spv)
td= spv.commited_by
td= spv.commited_at && l(spv.commited_at)
td= spv.creator
td= l(spv.created_at)
= bootstrap_paginate(@spvs)
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