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trying to deflapp flappy test

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......@@ -154,17 +154,20 @@ class ClientsTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
assert page.has_text? 'Client was successfully deleted.'
test 'client pagination' do
test 'client_pagination' do
login_as @superadmin
70.times do
create :client
visit clients_path
first(:link, '2').click
assert page.has_css? '.pagination'
Client.order('created_at desc').paginate(page: 2).each do |client|
assert page.has_text?
assert page.has_text?
within page.first('.pagination') do
assert page.has_link? '1', href: clients_path(page: 1)
assert page.has_link? 'Previous', href: clients_path(page: 1)
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