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start test for group_offer_termination process

parent f72cf96e
require 'application_system_test_case'
class GroupOfferTerminationsTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
def setup
@superadmin = create :user
@department_manager = create :department_manager
@department = @department_manager.department.first
@group_offer = create :group_offer, department: @department, creator: @department_manager
@group_assignment1 = create :group_assignment, group_offer: @group_offer, period_start: 6.months.ago,
period_end: nil
@group_assignment2 = create :group_assignment, group_offer: @group_offer, period_start: 5.months.ago,
period_end: nil, responsible: true
test 'initiate_termination_form_is_disabled_when_has_running_group_asignments' do
login_as @superadmin
visit group_offers_path
click_link 'Beenden', href: initiate_termination_group_offer_path(@group_offer)
assert page.has_text? 'Noch nicht beendete Gruppeneinsätze'
assert page.has_text? "#{@group_assignment1.volunteer.full_name} Member #{I18n.l(@group_assignment1.period_start)}"
assert page.has_text? "#{@group_assignment2.volunteer.full_name} Responsible #{I18n.l(@group_assignment2.period_start)}"
assert page.has_text? 'Um das Gruppenangebot zu beenden, müssen erst alle zugehörigen Gruppeneinsätze beendet sein.'
assert page.has_field? 'Period end', disabled: true
assert page.has_button? 'Gruppenangebots Ende setzen', disabled: true
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