Commit 7c492b1c authored by Beat Seeliger's avatar Beat Seeliger
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Merge branch 'BugFix/failing-ubernommen-quittiert-sort-links' into 'develop'

BugFix: Failing ubernommen and quittiert sort links

See merge request !863
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......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ h1= t_title(:index)
th Bemerkungen
th= t_attr(:commited_by)
th Letzte Bestätigung
th= sort_link @q, :responsible_profile_contact_full_name, 'Übernommen'
th= sort_link @q, :reviewed_by_profile_full_name, 'Quittiert'
th Übernommen
th Quittiert
- @spvs.each do |spv|
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