Commit 995bcc2b authored by Chrysanthi Lagodimou's avatar Chrysanthi Lagodimou
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remove back button

parent 4b1421a1
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ nav.navbar.section-navigation
li = button_link t('.report_hours'), new_volunteer_hour_url(@volunteer)
li = button_link t('.hour_reports'), volunteer_hours_path(@volunteer)
li= button_link current_user.volunteer? ? t('edit_profile') : t_title(:edit), edit_volunteer_path(@volunteer)
li= form_navigation_btn :back, with_row: false
li= form_navigation_btn :back, with_row: false unless current_user.volunteer?
- if policy(Volunteer).can_manage?
h3= t('checklist')
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