Verified Commit aaec7011 authored by Kaspar Vollenweider's avatar Kaspar Vollenweider
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quickfix: webdrivers gem require failer on deployment

Capistrano deployment error:
LoadError: cannot load such file -- webdrivers/chromedriver
parent 931899d8
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ gem 'simple_form'
gem 'slim-rails'
gem 'sprockets-es6'
gem 'uglifier'
gem 'webdrivers', '~> 4.0'
gem 'wicked_pdf'
gem 'will-paginate-i18n'
gem 'will_paginate'
......@@ -89,5 +90,4 @@ group :test do
gem 'policy-assertions'
gem 'roo'
gem 'selenium-webdriver'
gem 'webdrivers', '~> 4.0'
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