Verified Commit ef6142ca authored by Zsolt Benke's avatar Zsolt Benke Committed by Kaspar Vollenweider
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Changed options for permit

parent 5bfb46c2
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ class Client < ApplicationRecord
GENDER_REQUESTS = [:no_matter, :man, :woman].freeze
AGE_REQUESTS = [:age_no_matter, :age_young, :age_middle, :age_old].freeze
PERMITS = [:N, :F, :'B-FL', :B, :C, :PF, :CH].freeze
PERMITS = [:N, :B, :'B-FL', :'VA-FL', :'VA-Ausl', :C, :CH].freeze
SALUTATIONS = [:mrs, :mr, :family].freeze
AVAILABILITY = [:flexible, :morning, :afternoon, :evening, :workday, :weekend].freeze
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