Commit 62092782 authored by Jiri Strojil's avatar Jiri Strojil

Merge branch 'fixes/move-button' into 'develop'

Moved expenses btn to SPV

See merge request !908
parents fdb0a449 578c0b63
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......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ nav.navbar.section-navigation.hidden-print
li= section_nav_button 'Probezeit Feedback Eingang', list_responses_trial_feedbacks_path
li= section_nav_button 'Halbjahres-Rapport Eingang', list_responses_feedbacks_path
li= section_nav_button 'Spesenformulare', billing_expenses_path
li= section_nav_button 'Probezeit Erinnerung erstellen', new_trial_period_reminder_mailings_path
li= section_nav_button 'Halbjahres Erinnerung erstellen', new_half_year_reminder_mailings_path
li= section_nav_button 'Versandte Erinnerungen', reminder_mailings_path
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ nav.navbar.section-navigation
li= clear_filter_button
li= section_nav_button 'Spesenformulare', billing_expenses_path
li= button_link 'Neuen Semester Prozess erstellen', new_semester_process_path(semester: params[:semester]), dimension: 'sm'
li= render 'semester_filter'
- if @semester_process
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