Commit 75733f32 authored by Tugce Nur Tas's avatar Tugce Nur Tas

fix failing test due to new year

parent 1d41355e
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......@@ -88,9 +88,13 @@ class ReminderMailingsTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
login_as @superadmin
visit edit_assignment_path(@assignment)
# this test will always need January 1st as date, else the test will fail
# because ending an assignment will only redirect to terminated_index if
# the date is in the past or current day
# and the date selector chooses automatically current year
page.find('.month', text: 'Jan').click
first('.day', exact_text: '17').click
first('.day', exact_text: '1').click
assert page.has_current_path? terminated_index_assignments_path
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