Commit 7b976f5e authored by Hussain Kashef's avatar Hussain Kashef

fixed text with semicolon

parent d357100c
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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ class ClientsTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
select('Angemeldet', from: 'Prozess')
fill_in 'Bemerkungen', with: 'asdfasdf'
fill_in 'Anmeldende Stelle', with: 'asdfasdf'
fill_in 'Weitere involvierte Stellen' with;: 'asdfasdf'
fill_in 'Weitere involvierte Stellen', with: 'asdfasdf'
select @social_worker.full_name, from: 'Fallführende Stelle'
select('Gemeinde', from: 'Kostenträger')
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