Commit 7d6b919b authored by Kaspar Vollenweider's avatar Kaspar Vollenweider

replace template helper for missions with making use of slim template ...

parent 376a7dd4
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......@@ -2,8 +2,6 @@ class SemesterProcessVolunteersController < ApplicationController
before_action :set_semester_process_volunteer, only: [:show, :edit, :update, :take_responsibility, :mark_as_done, :update_notes]
before_action :set_semester, only: [:index]
include SemesterProcessVolunteerHelper
def review_semester
authorize SemesterProcessVolunteer.find(params[:id])
redirect_to review_semester_review_semester_url params[:id]
module SemesterProcessVolunteerHelper
def render_missions(spv)
html = ""
spv.missions.each do |m|
html += link_to m.to_label, "/#{}/#{}/edit", target: '_blank'
html += "<br>"
......@@ -36,7 +36,10 @@ h1 Semester Prozess
- else
.label.label-warning Unbestätigt
td= link_to_if policy(Volunteer).edit?,, edit_volunteer_path(spv.volunteer)
td= render_missions(spv)
- spv.missions.each do |mission|
= link_to mission.to_label, edit_polymorphic_path([mission]), target: '_blank'
= td_truncate_content_modal(spv.render_feedback(:goals), 'Ziele', shorten_size: 300)
= td_truncate_content_modal(spv.render_feedback(:achievements), 'Erfolge', shorten_size: 300)
= td_truncate_content_modal(spv.render_feedback(:future), 'Zukunft', shorten_size: 300)
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