Commit aeb8fcb8 authored by Hussain Kashef's avatar Hussain Kashef

corrected test/system/volunteer_application_test.rb to match the datepicker instead of select

parent 7d2f3ecc
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......@@ -29,9 +29,10 @@ class VolunteerApplicationsTest < ApplicationSystemTestCase
assert page.has_text? 'Freiwilligen Anmeldung'
fill_in 'Vorname', with: 'Vorname'
fill_in 'Nachname', with: 'Name'
within '.volunteer_birth_year' do
select('1980', from: 'Jahrgang')
#within '.volunteer_birth_year' do
# select('1980', from: 'Jahrgang')
select('Frau', from: 'Anrede')
select('Syrien, Arabische Republik', from: 'Nationalität')
fill_in 'Strasse', with: 'Sihlstrasse 131'
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