Commit c7c56c4d authored by Jiri Strojil's avatar Jiri Strojil

Merge branch 'fixes/removed-sorting-of-expenses' into 'develop'

Removed sorting on billing expenses

See merge request !916
parents 1a395367 a039874e
Pipeline #33651 passed with stage
in 37 minutes and 22 seconds
......@@ -25,13 +25,13 @@ h1
th.limit-width= select_all_rows
th.hidden-print Aktionen
- unless @volunteer
th= sort_link @q, :volunteer_contact_last_name, t_model(Volunteer)
th= t_model(Volunteer)
th= t_attr(:bank_details, Volunteer)
th Stunden
th= sort_link @q, :final_amount
th Final amount
th Semester
- if policy(BillingExpense).superadmin_privileges?
th= sort_link @q, :user_profile_contact_last_name, t_attr(:created_by)
th= t_attr(:created_by)
th= sort_link @q, :created_at
- @billing_expenses.each do |record|
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