Commit f4f49c29 authored by Hussain Kashef's avatar Hussain Kashef

removed label for end date and restored to default locale

parent eba85b39
Pipeline #50304 passed with stage
in 36 minutes and 20 seconds
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ table.table.table-striped
th= sort_link @q, :group_offer_category_category_name, t_attr(:group_offer_category)
th= sort_link @q, :offer_type, t_attr(:external, GroupOffer)
th= sort_link @q, :created_at
th= sort_link @q, :period_end, 'Aktualisiert am'
th= sort_link @q, :period_end
- @group_offers.each do |offer|
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