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WIP: As a Superadmin, I want to create departments

Kaspar Vollenweider requested to merge features/create_departement into develop


As a Superadmin, I want to create departments

Acceptance Criterias:

  • Fields: name, address (street, place, zip), contact informations (phone number, email, opening hours)
  • Only superadmins can create departments and assign users to departments
  • Department Managers can update the departments fields
  • Department Managers can't change the assigned Department Manager
  • A Departments has_and_belongs_to_many Department Managers
  • After logging in as Department Manager he should see his department
  • In the navbar is a link to Departments index only visible for superadmins
  • As Department Manager there is a link in the Navbar to his department



  • Story is tested
  • Acceptance criterias are met
  • Code is reviewed
  • Travis is green
  • Story is on resolved in trello
  • Readme is updated if needed
  • Styled with Bootstrap v3
  • Mobile view is usable
  • Seeds are available
  • German translations available

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